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Rose has been a spiritualist all of her life, although she didn't fully realize it until well into her day job as an IT professional. The blog posts below are a testament to her deeply felt spirituality and her remarkable insight. 

Rose's Expressions

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  • Intuition
    published on April 14th, 2013 at 12:38 AM

    As more and more time is spent in meditation, contemplation and the self discovery phase, much is learned, however it is much more than just a learning experience, it is an internal awareness of something deeper, something much more profound than mere words can simply describe. It is the intuition that comes from deep inside. A specific knowing, a gentle guidance system that makes itself known to be much more prevalent each passing day even though it has always been present and available.
    This reinforced guidance system reemerges and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. With its integration, it brings with it a sense of connection, a sense of peace and comfort along with feelings of belonging. This all knowing element of newness stems from a world beyond the measure of its own means. Calculable and measurable by none, yet serving the very innateness of our power. The distance which seems impossible to penetrate simply seemingly is just that. There is an ever present untransmutable relationship between the subconscious and the totality of all things. Try to describe it and it always escapes its true meaning, but recognize it and it is perhaps the only thing to truly cherish and believe in.
    Through the faith of the wise one penetrates beyond borders of illusion. Mere intelligence could not behold its strength and connection to the One, but through many of its fallibilities one sees through the darkness. The light at the end of the tunnel. The channel through which our soul survives. These are the ramifications of pure invisible thought. Bewildered and beguiled, there too comes a yearning for Oneness. A true desire of the opening of one’s mind through the soul. Pure desire and intent of the Universe is to have this experience where one feels its sublime presence. Some people are fortunate enough to possess absolute conviction and faith through intuition.  The automation of its powers is likened unto the luminous ethers of the Universe. Where there is no desire, no guilt, no confusion, no wars. It just is. Where ever we are, it is there.
    We are welcomed into this multi-dimensional space of eternal bliss, by our thoughts. Sensing and breathing our way through, we arrive. We arrive at the place of multilateral Intelligence. A place of nothingness and allness. Beyond the veil escapes and surpasses all feelings of duality. It constantly gives through its knowing. Can you feel it? Yes. Memories of how it was have faded and have transmuted themselves from much lower densities into higher forms of vibration, for there is no longer any room in this higher plane of existence for them. There is a spiritual logic higher than the intellect. Every person has an intuition about this and unconsciously senses its reality. In practice one consciously guides the intellect to this spiritual perception.
    Intuition carries us forward into an existence that is beyond what is seen. Through the vastness of the forest, we now see the trees. Clearly. For all that had stood in the way has now vanished. All that is left is an awareness of truth. A center of being. Intuition is the binding force of life that transcends through all time and space as it propels us into the future. Principles of experience beyond what we can fathom ring and bring us to the core of our existence. We are called. Called to this awareness from the voice that speaks to us from beyond. The drive that impels us to attain what we came here for. The encouragement, the soothing voice, the unconditional love and the internal cause that comes to reflect and radiate itself through us. All is a mere fraction of what is yet to come. Silver light vibrates and carries us far beyond the reaches of our intellect and human existence. Mostly to unfamiliar territory, but nonetheless powerful and exciting.
    The day has come where we survive on intuition alone. Where purity is valued over the material, where love transcends all levels of being. This purity, this clarity, this invisibility is made visible in all things when we empty out all the earthly valued qualities that the ego has learned to acquire and posses. In one’s own mind equally lie the secrets and the visions of the Universe that we someday will all learn to behold. As we come to the foyer of enlightment, intuition prevails. The doors we so valiantly sought to open were but illusions in the midst of fear. This unknown is simply but a sign of being unable to see past the illusion. Mindfulness penetrates this illusion and sends us into the miraculous manifestations we are truly inspired and destined to create. We amalgamate, coalesce into one sphere dominated by presence and unified by a force field so powerful even we cannot see its rays of light. Intuition ties this all together. There is an intuition within us which always backs up such reason as we possess. In all directions we are spiritual form. We co-exist in this unified force field of vibrational kinetic energy of the cosmos. This grand Universe that is both internal and external is eternal. The eternality of all that is, is who I am. My intuition guides me, supports me and directs me to a much grander, fuller more evolved scale of Unanimity. It empowers me with a richer, more fulfilling sense and awareness of who I am. This is what Intuition in my life has come to show and mean to me.

  • Sovereign Beings
    published on April 14th, 2013 at 12:38 AM

    Wow, September already.  Time is really on warp speed. In numerology 9 denotes "completion".  We are  in the stage of completion now and as we move beyond it into the month of October the new energies coming into this planet become more in allowance for very different outcomes than ever before.  It is as if one door has closed and another is now open for us and we enter into a completely different space.  A space which, actually is unfamiliar to us, yet these energies are much more welcoming and loving than what we had experienced before.  We will soon forget what all that density and all the sludge we had to muddle through before was, for we are all being cleansed now of all that held us back in the past.  We no longer will be able to remember our "stories".  You know those stories, of who you thought you were and that had to be told over and over again to anyone who would care to listen.  These old stories will now just  begin to fade away as we no longer will have any interest in them because they won't stick to us anymore. 

    The new energies of this transformational year of 2012 coming into the planet will now wash all that away.  If any of you have felt enormous amount of change in your lives, this is the reason why.  On the surface it may appear that all is in chaos, with so many changes taking place in our lives, and environment, but that is just the Universe's way of sweeping away of what no longer serves us and our planet to make room for what is more befitting for us.  Eventually there  is clarity.  Clarity of what is real.  A knowing of something that you've always known existed, but never could really make out what it was. 

    Well all of that fogginess is now in the past.  You've all been enhanced into more evolved beings.  Sovereign beings unto yourselves.  Things that didn't quite make sense before but where never questioned are now coming to the forefront to be dealt with, for there is no more brushing it under the rug.  All that is not of the highest and best good for you is not of the light, and that will not suffice any longer.  We are all being held up to higher standards of integrity and truths, because we no longer will dishonor ourselves in that way.  

    We are all beings of the light, whether you believe yet or not.  You will come to know yourselves, really know yourself in a much more profound way, that you will begin to question how  you never knew this about yourself.  How you ever allowed that to happen?  This is what all these energies are doing for us.  They are helping us to clear the clutter.  Clear away all that seemed real, but was really just a facade we were all playing.  You, me, we all played our roles exceptionally well, and for so long those roles served us, for we had incarnated with just that in mind.  To know ourselves more fully through our experiences. 

    Well we have come full circle now and we have experienced so much more, and some would even say, much more than we bargained for.  But at last we are coming into this newness of wonder, a newness of more compassion, love and understanding for each other.  It may not be very apparent at first, but you will come to know that this is what we are doing.  This is our solemn quest and direction.  We all knew that this would one day come.  We were just so wrapped in our everyday and busy lives to even look up and take notice.  While some of us are just beginning to take notice, know that it is real.  It is very real, and what you had once only imagined and dreamed that could be real , is now a very possible reality. 

    Soon you will know the truth of you because you will feel it first.  This is how you will know.  Where you once only allowed your selves to dare to dream your biggest dream, it is now very much possible.  The Universe knows this.  You, deep down know this.  You are all profoundly loved and cherished for there is nothing more precious than the light and soul that you are.  You will come to know respect.  You will truly come to know unconditional love and you will know your greatness.  All this and so much more knowing awaits you  because the veil is now lifting, and you will truly come to know yourselves and all of humanity as truly your brothers and sisters, and you will know in your hearts that we really are One.  For this is the promise that you made to yourselves before incarnating.  You will re-member all of which you truly cherish and all that is in your heart very soon.  For this is the truth of who you really are.  Love, love, love.         Namaste.

  • Loving Energies
    published on April 14th, 2013 at 12:38 AM

    As we enter into this fast paced year, this month of June brings with it varied amounts of cosmic energies with it.    The new energies entering the planet at this time can be at times overwhelming, as they are very powerful, buy yet very loving gifts for us to revel in.  June brings in the Venus Transit energies which,  from my perspective changes the game of life completely.  One may even wonder what the heck is happening as our perspectives begin to transform and our past preconceptions of everything just seems to be left behind, leaving us wondering where our old thought patterns went.  That is how powerful these new energies are.  It brings in awe and wonderment of who and what we are left with.  If I am not my thought patterns, then who am I? 

    As we ponder upon such things, we find ourselves at crossroads with discovering who we really are?  Can it be that I am not who I thought I was?  If everything around me is changing, and I am just an observer, than was I really all my attachments and labels we so lovingly placed on ourselves.  With so much being stripped away, we consider other alternatives to our reality.  I am me, and I am no longer that which I thought I was.  I was a programmer, and a cautiously social being in this unenlightened world which is now turning my own world around.  Funny how that happens.  And that is exactly what these new energies are doing.  They are helping us question all we have ever known to be true. 

    The truth of who we are therefore does not lie in our actions, but in our beingness.  I am being me, but my actions may have said otherwise before.  No longer does that veil of forgetfulness of the fullness of who I am cover me any longer.  Our higher self is much bigger (and better) than the smallness of who I had made myself to be.  I am realizing that even being unemployed does not strip away my being, but only uncovers another more beautiful aspect of my soul as I am faced with meeting another aspect of myself. 

    Truth does come in different flavors, and taking into consideration the myriad ways in which our soul chooses to express itself, does it then really get to know thyself?  Without getting too philosophical , Truth will always reveal itself, no matter how buried we are in illusion of who and what we thought ourselves to be.  And if we take it even further, we realize that our inner truth reflects our outer Truth about ourselves even more succinctly.  The microcosm of the macrocosm. 

    Truth be told, it is we who will discover ourselves, for nobody can do it better than we.  Finding out the greater expansiveness of our being is what this new day and age is bringing us.  We are gifted this knowledge so subtly that if we blink we just might miss it, but of course, the Universe would hand us other similar situations in which to do so if we just happen to miss this one.  So yes, the Universe does work in mysterious and in perfect ways.  We may think that we know it all, but the Universe is not just one, but many steps way ahead of our conscious mind. 

    Simply because we are the Universe, and we so brilliantly helped create this veil of illusion in order to know thyself more fully. The collective consciousness is held by the Universal Grid of knowingness, that was so perfectly orchestrated with your help.   One might even begin to wonder, well if I have this knowing know, where I didn't have it before, am I becoming more enlightened? 

    It only takes one to know that within every divine spark of light, there is love.  And that the light you are so lovingly attracted to, is a reflection of your truth.  You realize this now, because you are this now.  You are that love and light that you have always been, but just weren't awake enough to realize.  So it is with great pleasure and love that I say, "We've been waiting so very long, and I'm so glad to finally meet you (me)".  Wink wink...     We are ONE.... Namaste...

  • Our Desires
    published on April 14th, 2013 at 12:38 AM

    Most notably in recent times we see ourselves in the midst of major global changes.  Although these changes appear to be unsettling, these changes are actually for the betterment of humanity, one of which you will soon come to understand.  With the many changes that are now taking place on the planet, you will soon be able to see and recognize your part in it.  Some of the underlying causes of these  changes up until now have been hidden from you for you were not yet ready to hear or see them, but now you are.  You are here in this moment at this time and place because you are part of the sweeping changes this nation and most importantly this planet are going through.  You are here because you sense and know that you are part of something very big and very special.  You are here because you are special and you seek Truth.  More and more truths are gradually being revealed to you because of your loving and caring nature for you and for your world. 

    You may assume that you are alone in this world, but a better part of you knows the Truth that you were never alone and never will be.  You are more wonderful and powerful than your current senses have lead you to believe.  You are part of the grand master plan.  The plan that has been in existence for much longer than you have been here as a soul.  A soul unto yourself, yet part of a Universe so big that not even the most intelligent part of your senses cannot fathom.  You've asked and the Universe has listened and responds to you in a manner that your soul understands.  You are here deliberately to be more of who you are. 

    The person that you think is you is only one tiny fraction of who you really are, for you are the Universe.  You are everything that the Universe encompasses in every aspect of itself.  You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to this world and you deserve to know that.  You have asked and the Universe has responded to you without you even knowing it.  Every time you speak,  think or share yourself with others, the Universe reflects back to you your unique perception of itself.  That is why it is of the upmost importance that you believe in you.  That you see yourself in the highest regard and that you love yourself completely. Not in an egoic kind of way, but in an unconditional love kind of way.  Once you can envision yourself  in a more positive and loving way, there is nothing that will stop you from you manifesting all your  dreams and wishes.  For you can only attract what you rightfully so deserve from a higher  vibrational frequency state of love. 

    Love is the highest form of vibration that there is - anywhere.  Is it not true that when you are in love, everything is beautiful and seems to flow so harmoniously, and when you are angry, mad or just plain don't care, everything  just seems to not go your way.  Well the same goes for attracting into your Universe everything you desire for yourself.  Uplift yourself first and foremost, and in doing so, you not only attract more of your desires, you uplift the entire planet as well.  We are all affected by each other's moods and actions.  Just by walking  into a room and you will see a reaction from those around you by the mood you come in with.  Sometimes they don't even know why all of a sudden they themselves become moody, they just can feel and sense whatever mood you came in with.  We all like to test the waters for ourselves, so just notice all that comes into your life when you simply change your perspective.  Just  take notice.  The simple key is love - and whether you open the door is always up to you.  Namaste...

  • Asking The Universe
    published on April 14th, 2013 at 12:38 AM

    So, what is my truth?  What exactly am I asking for?  Am I asking for something material, or am I asking for something greater, far greater than anything material can ever offer me.  Today, I am acknowledging the Universe, and all it's myriad facets of being.  Is the Universe simply out there, or is there more I do not yet understand?  I once pondered all this myself, and simply upon pondering I was lead down a path to where there was no going back. 

    The Universe was simply showing me where to go, what to do and most of all providing me with an assurance that everything ultimately is alright.  In my quest for this eternal Truth, I began to know in my heart that there was in fact something greater than me, something which I could turn to in time of need or simply just for information.  As I continued to follow my inner knowing, things simply began to fall in place.  It was as if a light had been shined down on what I needed to know at that moment. Moment by moment.

     I never really asked to be shown the whole picture, because I don't believe that is how it works, but just by following this inner knowing , some may call it intuition, I was lead to a more calm and peaceful way of being, just by holding the energy and vibrational pull it was guiding me through.  This in itself has instilled more confidence in myself because I know it is not only I, but a much greater I that wholly and completely knows more of me, knows exactly who I am, and is in harmony with every cell of my being to the point where If I just relax and revel in this Truth.  I am repeatedly convinced that I am in fact a part of the bigger picture.  In fact, I am one with the bigger picture, as I am One with the Universe.

     As Truth begins to show up, you recognize it, as it resonates with every part of your being.  A lie always makes you feel heavy, and the Truth will always make you feel lighter.  This is how the higher aspect of you knows without a doubt when something is indeed true.  At least true for you.  Nobody's else's truth is your Truth, just as what's true for you may not be anybody else's truth.  We are all at different levels of understanding, and at different stages of knowing so, you might comprehend a spiritual concept much more deeply as someone else, or vice versa. 

    The key is not in knowing when and how, but it is in Asking the Universe for Greater Understanding and for your Truth to be revealed.  We are all aspects of the one, but individual in nature.  There is only one unique essence of you.  One speck in all of eternity that is you.  Find out who you are, simply by Asking the Universe.  Ask it anything you want, whatever comes to mind.  It need not be as philosophical as "Who Am I" or "Where do I come from", for these questions will come to you in due time, when you are ready to hear the more profound answers.  Simply by Asking the Universe, whatever is your heart's desire to ask, opens up the channels of communication and you are on your way.  Your way to be a greater aspect of you than you have ever known or realized existed.  Simply believe in you, and Ask.  For it is the Universe's greatest desire for you to know yourself in the highest regard possible.






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