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What are the Akashic Records?

The "Akashic Records" are known as the "Book of Life". As soon as you are born, an etheric book is created that records every thought, word, action, desire and emotion that you've ever experienced.  This information is collected throughout all your many lifetimes and, because of these records, I am able to tap into this knowledge of greater infinite wisdom and intelligence which can offer you guidance and answers that are most beneficial for you to hear at this time.

A few typical testimonials...

"OMG....  Your reading was so amazing... It was clear and had a lot of helpful information that I truly think will help to move forward... I can't thank you enough for such a beautiful gift." -Pam 

"Thank you Rose that was beautiful! The blessings you received are truly a gift." -Laura

"As I read this part again I am crying as well as rejoicing! I did have a lot of hurt in my early childhood as I was in boarding school until the age of 12, and did not spend too much time with my parents and felt abandoned, particularly by my mother. I love the way you write, which is very comforting! You are very accurate when you write that I am on the rightful path and I am in the center of my life cycle, as I just retired.
I have had difficulties with faith all my life and I am still struggling with that. My mother was extremely religious, but very unhappy, and her faith was probably what kept her alive. I LOVE that my masters are very young as I am very young at heart! Regarding the message of "Keeping my flame alive and to surrender to what makes me the happiest no matter what else is going on around me" has wonderful rewards!
You are very gifted and very thorough in your readings, not to mentioned very organized as you broke down the readings in parts making it easier to read and comprehend. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"Wow! What an amazingly accurate message! Thank you for the enlightenment!" -Jirard

"Thank you so much for this!" -Nikita

"This reading was a great blessing. Thank you for your gifts and talents to assisting me on my journey. It was very confirming and assuring. A+++" -Jenelle

"Never in my life have I read something so incredible as your reading. I was completely stunned at its accuracy and felt glorious confirmation for everything that it said. I have been on quite the journey and to hear that I have fulfilled my life purpose is exactly the message I have been feeling. It basically gives me permission to live for me finally, wow. You have an amazing gift and I am so grateful for your time and for this information. My friend was so impressed, she is ordering a reading from you as well." -Debbie


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